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Thursday, October 24, 2013

College Basketball Betting Tips

After making over $200,000 betting on NCAA hoops we feel that we can give out free betting advice for college basketball to our faithful readers without the risk of giving away any of our trade secrets that our clients pay for. The 2013-2014 season looks like another profitable year on the horizon. Please enjoy the advice below and use at your own risk. If you should have questions on need handicapping help with basketball betting then please do speak with one of our analysts for advice and feedback on what your current strategy is. 

College Basketball Betting Tips
Since the ground work has been set here are some tips to get you going and you should stick to these tips on a regular basis. These college basketball betting tips can increase your ROI. The quality of college basketball betting tips assists as your regular betting checklist. You should have a stable schedule for your basketball betting, never over do it, and take it one step at a time.
Look at the Money line for Small Underdogs
One spot can be better than the other thus situations differ from one aspect to another. Upsets do take place and they can happen quite consistently, it does not matter what time of the season it is. It cannot be an upset at some point when the season is said to be done.
Know the Injury Report
Many people tend to forget to check the injury reports. It does not take much of your time and you can check if the key player that you were betting for is out. Then you will avoid losing money because your bet won’t be necessary at that time. You can find these at any betting website and you will be able to save money from betting on a player that is not in the game.
Don't Bet Just Because It's A Big Game or On TV
A recreational bettor and one that is betting as a full timer are totally different. Recreational bettors simply place bets anywhere because they are doing it for fun, but if you are a full time bettor do not even attempt to do so as you will be at a great loss. If you betting because it is showing on TV then you not for betting on college basketball. Bet because you re a big gamer nothing else.
Take Note of Reverse Line Moves on Televised Games

The reverse line move is a line that moves in the other direction than it should move. This occurs when professional money in a team is coming in. It becomes essential when it is part of a game in TV. It even becomes better when it is against a public team showing on TV. Take this aspect seriously as some just bet on them without any precaution. For a more detailed description check out the website it will give you a clear cut view.
Look At Heavy Favorites in the First Half
Do your research and be objective at all times. Look at the way teams perform in the first half if they have heavy favorites whether it is home or away. Some teams will be out with a lead and sustain that lead through out the second half. However, you should still examine more research and data. With this tip you can go far with basketball betting and you can back up your reasons if your quantitative and qualitative analysis is effective.
Beware of Home Court Advantage
Home courts differ and some are big because of the type of school. Some home courts are pretty much better than other’s therefore you should at least find out which home court is the best. Some schools have small audiences that make the home court advantage very little. Knowing which home court is the best is important as this will give you an advantage over many bettors.
Also you should take caution of neutral court games. The only way to find out that this is a neutral game is by researching on that and staying acquainted at all times. It can be a huge issue especially if there is a neutral court because the advantage is lowered.
Bet Early
Get betting as early as possible although it may be hard for some. There is always a possibility that lines may move not in your favor but they also can move in your way too. Just get your plays in as early as you can. It will not improve even if you wait so if the advantage is there take it and value it. Then you can follow the movement of the line once your bets are in for the day.
Play Underdogs and under Late (typically)
The public loves betting on favorites to mean that the lines are reduced upwards, thus adding some worth to the underdog and unders. Most of the time this is not the case so pay a close eye to any underdog or unders you are betting on. You should be able to see if the action is in so you can take advantage of the movement. There is no other way it depends on time constraints of the bettor. Also it is also a gain on your part if you know and understand the line movement.
Smaller Schools (when playing a big conference school)
In college basketball a smaller school will create chemistry by having starters that have played together for four years. Even though the other team has players that are bound for the NBA, basically they may not play as united in a team as the smaller school. Sports books are more than happy to shade the line a point to the benefit of the small school underdog. Take advantage of this situation because betting on the smaller schools is a great investment as they will grow gradually.
The First Month Can Be Difficult
In the first month of the season it can be hard for you if you are not prepared. You will have problems identifying where a team is at. There is a list of questions that you should know if you are venturing on betting. It will take time to for you to actually be settled thus bet on two or one games. Basically research is all narrows it all.
Hopefully you will gain from these tips and if you are a beginner these tips will surely be of good use. If you are not you might gain from those which you would have missed. As time goes on you add your own but for now set your game on these and all will be well.


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