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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top Hated Athletes of all Time

The Top Hated Athletes of All Time

In the world of sports you find lots of athletes who end up coming off as extremely narcissistic and end up being hated as much as the infamous Vince McMahon in the hey days of the WWF.

Fans tend to hate players for a multitude of reasons and some are just enemies for playing on the other team but here are some of the most hated athletes of all time.

  • Johnny Damon - Walking around any of the streets in New England you may see a shirt that says Johnny Demon for his betrayal of the Boston Redsox after doing a magnificent job of leading them to their first World Series in years over long time rival the New York Yankees in the 2004 season. After that he moved to the Bronx and cut his hair and is afraid to walk around the streets of Boston and thus for good reason as such a well known traitor.
  • Marvin “Bad News” Barnes - For such a great college basketball player from Providence College who still holds the schools single game scoring record of 52 versus Austin Peay but was better known for his off court problems. Bad News had been arrested for the following: burglary, drug possession, and trespassing. Due to his drug use, his NBA career was cut short and he wound up homeless in San Diego, California in the early 1980s. After several rehabilation programs, Barnes started to reach out to youths in South Providence, Rhode Island where he grew up, urging them not to make the same mistakes he had.

  • Terrell Owens - Everybody who isn't T.O. seems to really hate this guy but why? He seems to be one of the best receivers in the NFL and always seems to match up well with just about any quarterback. When it comes down to it T.O. tends to hurt his teams more than he helps them by causing controversy and immense distractions on any team he plays on. Also his mockery after a touch down is cause in itself to hate this narcissist. He talked trash about his own Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and the Dallas Cowboys. It seems only fitting now that he gets to stir up trouble with equally hated number 85 Chad Ocho Cinco on the Cincisnotty Bengals.

  • Michael Vick - Well no surprise here. While it seems like if all he does is win for the Eagles than the fans there have all but nearly forgotten about the dog fighting incident(helps their mascot is a bird and not a dog) but the rest of America especially those from P.E.T.A. who don't even watch football really despise and wish death upon Mike because he used to choke and run a pit bull parade in the deep south.
  • Pete Rose - For being an all time hit leader in the Major Leagues you would think that would give a guy an automatic bid to the Hall of fame in Cooperstown, New York. Not in this case because this guy had a Mahowny gambling problem. Whether or not he fixed games and bet 10,000.00 on the reds everyday is in the past but none the less he has accrued notoriety for his actions or inactions even if Bud Selig has reinstated the former player.
  • John Rocker - A once great pitcher for his home state Atlanta Braves traveled to the big apple and had this to say " I'd retire first. It's the most hectic, nerve-racking city. Imagine having to take the 7 train to the ballpark looking like you're riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It's depressing... The biggest thing I don't like about New York are the foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?" BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER. When speaking of the New York Mets
    "Nowhere else in the country do people spit at you, throw bottles at you, throw quarters at you, throw batteries at you and say, 'Hey, I did your mother last night — she's a whore.' I talked about what degenerates they were and they proved me right."
None the less the Braves fans supported him at first but it became increasingly harder and when the pitcher showed up to the next game in new York it wasn't pretty as they had some 700 police offers instead of the usually 10% of that number 70 cops and they had to limit beer sales that day (No wonder why the fans hated him so much don't mess with a mans alcohol.)

  • Art Heyman - Duke College basketball player from Long Island pissed off everybody outside of Raleigh when he chose to become a blue devil and not a Tar-Heel even though he already committed to Chapel Hill. On top of that his attitude sucked with this famous quote “Coaches would tell me to do something, and I’d say, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ I didn’t respect authority or structure. Wait it gets better on February 4th 1961 in Chapel Hill, when instigated a fight with his buddy from Long Island, Larry Brown. In the ensuing brawl, Heyman allegedly punched a male cheerleader and nailed coach Frank McGuire in the crotch.
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson andArnold "Chick" Gandil - For being one of the main ring leaders in the infamous Black Sox Scandal which involved throwing the 1919 World Series will forever let these athlete go down in history for letting the Reds defeat the Chicago White Sox. Not until 60+ years later would somebody involved with the Reds go down in history for another gambling scandal (see pete rose above)

  • O.J. Simpson - The Juice is loose. While it is astonishing that for all of these hated athlete lists out there that Orenthal James is often excluded. Where not going to get into the debate on whether or not he did it. The staff here at Coopers Pick is far too intelligent to get involved in that debate all were going to say is that this guy is the most well known football player and hated athlete of all time from his probable involvement in the murders of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in which went to trial had his acquittal and later he was arrested for robbing somebody in Las Vegas, Nevada to regain his valuable memorabilia. Interesting story this guy brings to the table in terms of disliked athletes.
Hopefully you liked this list if so stay tuned for more fun lists for all the players and honorable mentions that we might have missed. Also if you need any live betting odds, sports picks, or anything else sports related than please feel free to check out the rest of coopers sports picks.


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